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Caring for a senior at home can be difficult and challenging. Caregivers often face new demands, and they frequently need the help, guidance, and support of others. Occasionally, the caregiver simply needs a break to run errands, do housekeeping, or simply rest. This section provides information about two government programs that may help: Family Caregiver Support and the Family Alzheimer’s In-Home Respite (FAIR) Program.

Caregivers who need assistance can review the programs and services outlined on this site. They include in-home services and home health agencies.

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Family Caregiver Support


These services provide information and support to individuals who care for elderly family members or friends.

Services may include:

• counseling for the caregiver;

• support groups for the caregiver;

• caregiver training; and

• temporary, short-term care of the senior so the caregiver can have a break.


All West Virginians caring for elderly family or friends may be eligible for assistance from this program.

Payment Options

The West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services administers the program free of charge through county senior centers, which provide the services.


For more information about the program, please contact your local senior center. You can find your local senior center in the facilities/services search above or by
clicking here.

Family Alzheimer’s In-Home Respite (FAIR) Program

The FAIR Program focuses on the individual caring at home for a person with Alzheimer’s or related dementia. The FAIR Program gives caregivers a chance to rest and take a break. FAIR will send a trained worker to your house so you can have a regular break from the demands of caregiving. The FAIR coordinator, working with the family, will develop an activity plan for the person with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Services include activities and one-on-one attention for loved ones with dementia in your home, giving you time to run errands, keep appointments, or rest.


To be eligible for the FAIR program:

• the person receiving care at home must have a physician’s written diagnosis of Alzheimer’s
  disease or related dementia;

• the caregiver for the person with Alzheimer’s or dementia must be unpaid; and

• the care must be provided in West Virginia.

Payment Options

Payment for the service is based on a sliding scale. Fees range from $1 per hour to $14 per hour depending on the income of the person with dementia who is receiving the care.

For more information about this program, please contact your local senior center. You can find your local senior center in the facilities/services search above or by
clicking here.

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